Servo HV Digital Alu LP19DBT 19KG 8.4V Race-Spec.


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Servo HV Digital Alu LP19DBT 19KG 8.4V Race-Spec.

Servo HV Digital Alu LP19DBT 19KG 8.4V Race-Spec.

Servos are part of the “RC system” and thus the basis of a remote-controlled model.

Connected to the steering linkage, they convert stick or rotary movements on the transmitter into steering movements on the vehicle. In combustion vehicles, they also act as throttle servos, operating both the throttle valve of the carburetor and the brake. A servo that is too weakly dimensioned has a longer actuating time and a shorter service life when loaded. Therefore never save on the servo! A good servo does not have to cost a lot, but it makes the model more reliable and lasts for years.

In 1/8 and 1/10 scale RC cars, only standard size or low-profile servos are used.

Fields of application for our “Race Spec. Servos” is the competition, but also for ambitious “club racers” and hobby drivers these servos are fantastic!
Servo Category: High-Speed / Low Profile2030110_01400.jpg
Operating Voltage: 4.8 – 8.4V HV
Torque / Speed @ 4.8V: 13.0kg / 0.105sec/60°
Torque / Speed @ 6.0V: 16.0kg / 0.090sec/60°
Torque / Speed @ 7.4V: 18.0kg / 0.080sec/60°
Torque / Speed @ 8.4V: 19.0kg / 0.070sec/60°

Technology: Digital

Motor Type: Brushless
Gear Material: Reinforced steel
Housing Material: AL6061 T6 – CNC machined with plastic inlay
Waterproof Rating: IP65 water-resistant
Bearing: Metal ball bearings (2)
Size: 40.8*20.2*27.2 mm
Weight: 54,2 g
Programmable: Yes with USB Interface Adapter # 2030110 (sold separately)
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