6-Channel Radio “CR6S” 2.4GHz incl. Receiver


6-Channel Radio “CR6S” 2.4GHz incl. Receiver

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6-Channel Radio “CR6S” 2.4GHz incl. Receiver

2.4GHz FHSS technology, 6 channels frequency-hopping spread spectrum, highly resistant to anti-jamming.
Receiver response time is 3ms, ensuring a fast response and better control.
Smooth and highly sensitive to control inputs and stable at distances up to 200m
Compatible with a variety of vehicles; suitalbe for RC cars, RC boats and RC tanks…etc.
With brake and fail safe “out of control” protection function.
Each 3 channels can be set respectively, supporting mixed control for 1 and 2 channels.
Voltage range of transmitter: 4.8V – 12V (support 1s-3s battery), automatic identification of voltage, low voltage warning on 7.4V/4.8V
Voltage range of receiver: 3.3V-10V, working current 30mA, supports high voltage servo.
Unique throttle speed limit adjustment function, allows beginners to practive at a safe speed.
Channel 4 with winch function ( I – 0 – II )
Channel 5 and 6 press for lock and press for release, function specially for Crawler accessories.
Foam wheel for a good grip
Channel: 6CH
Radio size (L/W/H): 160x100x200mm
Water-proof receiver
Receiver size (L/W/H): 35x20x13mm
Radio operating current: 80-120mA
Receiver operating current: 30mA
Radio voltage range: 4.8-12V (LiPo suitable)
Receiver voltage range: 3.3-10V
Stable distance control up to 200m
CR6S 6-Channel Radio
R6WP 6-Channel Receiver
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